As we prepare for the closing of this world and the soon coming of Jesus Christ we, the Board of Stateline Advent Media (SAM), understand that we must endeavor to bring the gospel to those that will partake of the message. For SAM this means specifically that we must stretch to do more and be a tool in Christ’s hands for this last day message. However, we must remember that it is the Holy Spirit that must bless each receiver to convict the soul and change hearts for Christ. We are only a tool that distributes the Message.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Sateline Advent Media!


Todd Brandenburg


Stateline Advent Media

Operational Needs

SAM mainly operates on a weekly basis with 10+ volunteers dedicated to the broadcast.  However, we also pay a Technical Director to help us plan and maintain the equipment and ensure a high quality broadcast.  This is an ongoing commitment to this individual and we’d like to raise $3000/mo for this expense.  Won’t you consider donating so that we can continue bringing God’s message to the world?

24/7 Live Streaming

Specifically, we feel compelled to develop a 24/7 Live streaming channel that proclaims the 3 Angels Message through current and past sermons at Stateline Adventist Church and related content from other ministries that are aligned with our mission. Work has been going on for the past few months for the servers and software to make this dream a reality and we are getting closer to launching this channel LIVE at first on YouTube, then exclusively on our own platform. We understand that governments and corporations are already censoring content and the truth of the gospel so it’s important to create a system to broadcast independently on the internet for as long as time permits. 

Broadcast Studio

To develop new programs to discuss areas of health, current events, spiritual and practical preparation, youth spirituality, and others as God leads us. These programs will require SAM to create a broadcast studio at the church where the content can be produced in a high-quality manner. We have some plans to develop one of the adjacent storage rooms just for this purpose. This studio would cost around $10,000 to get going.  Other programs will require SAM to be able to “shoot” remotely on site and thus we will need to be able to take certain equipment for remote production work.

New Switcher

The “heart” of the SAM video production requires a new switcher and panel as the old system does not have the capacity for current needs as well as expansion. The total cost for this new equipment along with upgrades in the church’s A/V system is around $18K (with installation). The SAM board has stepped out in faith to get the switcher and panel so our current production can continue. We hope to go 4K soon with the broadcast so that it will be crystal clear and watched around the world.